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Our health and wellbeing is determined by so many factors… 

…and whether we have access to culture and the arts is one of them.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and River of Light Festival 2023 are two of this year’s high profile events. They have shown the importance of close working between Public Health and Culture. 

We are embracing the ripple effect of the big events this city is famous for. Upholding the sense of cultural and community cohesion. The impact reaches beyond events like Eurovision 2023 and River of Light Festival 2023. We know that a vital part of enjoying good wellbeing and preventing illness is linked to cultural experiences. Cultural understanding and engaged communities can shape policy for the better. We can apply this to our response to the cost-of-living crisis. Understanding different cultural viewpoints informs strategies that include and work well for everyone. Working with communities develops our understanding of their needs. By considering this, policymakers can create more targeted and empathetic interventions. Interventions can be more efficient and cost effective. More than this, these approaches allow communities to feel listened to. This is vital at a time where a lot of things feel out of their control. 

Across Liverpool there is innovative use of resource to promote and increase health and wellbeing benefits. We are taking opportunities, sharing ideas, and learning together. The workforce is committed to a partnership journey that will help the city to thrive. Throughout this report we will demonstrate how we are working with communities across the city. We recognise that they are our biggest asset in our bid to improve health and wellbeing in Liverpool. 

In this section, we will explore the impact of Eurovision 2023 and The River of Light Festival 2023. We will consider the role of Public Health in these large scale events. It will look at how we are working with the culture team to be resourceful while maximising impact.

In this section

Artist performing in Euro village on Eurovision stage

Public Health and the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Public Health’s role in the city’s biggest celebration of 2023.

Colourful art work projected onto Albert Dock buildings

Public Health and the River of Light 2023

Continuing to use events to promote healthier habits and spread important health messages.

Sefton park lake

Public Health and CAIP (Cultural Arts Investment Programme)

Public Health’s investment in arts and culture to promote health and wellbeing.