Public Health and CAIP (Cultural Arts Investment Programme)

Public Health, working with CAIP (led by Culture Liverpool)

Public Health has invested in cultural and arts organisations working with CAIP. This is the Cultural Arts Investment Programme, led by Culture Liverpool.  With this Investment we aim to:

  • increase community and individual health and wellbeing​
  • raise awareness of importance of good mental health​
  • raise awareness of 5 ways to wellbeing​
  • broaden the reach of Public Health messages based on the behavioural insight plan.​

The growing relationship between Liverpool City Council Culture and Public Health provides an opportunity for new ambition and perspective. As a result, we aspire to look at the links between arts and wellbeing within the programme. Long term goals include considering how Public Health aims align to the cultural programme.

Projects will encourage audiences to undertake positive activities. This should contribute to the Five Ways to Wellbeing. CAIP have resources and expertise in engagement. This will support sharing of health and wellbeing messages with communities public health alone may not reach.

More information on CAIP projects and partners 

27CAIP funded organisations

9709 CAIP events had social impact​

120,922 people attended CAIP Health and Wellbeing Events

525of CAIP organisations had worked with health services to deliver public projects​

92% CAIP organisations had activities to raise awareness around Health and Wellbeing​

Public Health initiatives supported by CAIP

The Reach Out campaign

The ‘Reach Out’ suicide awareness campaigns, aims to guide those that are feeling suicidal to a safe place. It gives those that are worried the confidence to help. To date there are over 100,000 interactions with the campaign. This is driving up access to support, by as much as 20%. The has resulted in at least 50 people at crisis point reaching out to get the help. Almost £1 million was invested across the voluntary and community sector. This supports initiatives to create resilience and address triggers for poor mental health.

A woman placing supportive hand on shoulder of another woman

Kind to Your Mind campaign

Public Health have used resources to improve health outcomes affected by the pandemic. Interventions aim to create community resilience and prevent emotional distress. This has included the ‘Kind To Your Mind’ mental health campaign. The campaign has a website and resources aimed at adults over the age of 25. It offers simple tasks, activities and information to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

A group of adults sat in park laughing together

Public Health and Culture future ways of working

Liverpool Public Health and Culture have built an outstanding partnership in recent years. We have developed a framework for working together. It outlines our intentions and shared understanding of how we will do this successfully. We can achieve Public Health outcomes through Liverpool Culture events and programmes. We can show the impact and reach of using culture events to promote health and wellbeing. This will improve the lives of people in our communities​

Ongoing collaboration between Public Health and Culture includes work on:

  • Embedding health and wellbeing into the planning and delivery of Culture Liverpool programmes and events including the return of River of Light in October 2024.​
  • Work with 27 organisations funded through the Cultural Arts Investment Programme (CAIP) to reach communities with important health and wellbeing messages and campaigns including Kind to Your Mind and Reach Out​
  • Cultural engagement can transform our health and wellbeing and provide health and wellbeing messaging as well as encouraging healthy behaviours in people in our communities who may not have been reached otherwise.​